Growing Tkaronto is a queer BIPOC-owned urban flower farm committed to regenerative and anti-oppression practices. We grow spectacular blooms on residential and commercial properties in High Park and the Junction. Using 100% locally grown flowers, we craft whimsical arrangements to brighten your day. 

You can find us this summer at farmers’ markets and maybe just around the corner. We are always excited to cruise around the neighbourhood making deliveries on our flower stand cargo bike!

Favourites From the Field

Peaches N' Cream Dahlia

Ranunculus Hanoi

Hanoi Ranunculus

Narcissus Replete

Replete Narcissus

Appleblossom Snapdragon

Iceland Poppies Sherbet Mix

Sherbet Mix Iceland Poppies

Champagne Mix Sweet Peas

Peony Coral Charm

Coral Charm Peony

Crème de Cassis Dahlia

Bells of Ireland