Land Partnership

Support local agriculture and become a land partner today.

Many of us want to contribute to the building of a healthier, more beautiful world. Partnering with Growing Tkaronto is a meaningful way to start, by directly supporting ethically grown flowers in your neighbourhood.

We bring joy into your backyard, literally!

We have reached full growing capacity for the spring planting season, thank you to everyone who contacted us. We will continue accepting expressions of interest for our fall planting season. Please fill out the form below and we will reach out in August.


The Process

1. You can begin the process by reading Your Benefits and Our Requirements below.

2. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the program details, we welcome you to get in touch via the Get in Touch button if you are convinced, or simply curious.

3. You will be taken to an external link where you will find a simple form connected to a secure database.

4. Fill out our quick survey so we can get to know you better and assess the compatibility of this relationship.

5. We will review each application as they come in. We are looking for the best fit and will draft a shortlist of candidates.

6. We will contact each shortlisted land partner to understand the specifics of the property.

7. Upon mutual agreement, we will arrange for a site visit to go over final details.

8. A letter of understanding will be signed by both parties before we commence preparations for the growing season.

Your Benefits

Beautiful View We take care of the flowers, so you can enjoy the view from May to October.

$50 Credit Use your credit towards any seasonal flower subscription purchase from our farm.

Priority Access You will have access to unique varieties of flowers and plants before we open sales to the public.

Curated Flowers We grow over 120 varieties of flowers and foliage. We will work with you to select colours that you love.

Workshop Discount Enjoy a special discount on our workshops throughout the year.

Support anti-oppression in action We provide fair-wage opportunities for BIPOC and/or queer folks.

Our Requirements

Full/Part Sun Flowers need six to eight hours of direct sunlight.

Space Requirement At least 10'x16' in front/back yard.

Water Access For those dry summer days.

High Park/Junction Bike-friendly distance to maintain our low-emissions promise.

• Soil Amendment Compost will need to be purchased by the owner.

Accessible Pathways need to fit a wheelbarrow.

After-hours Access Flowers like to be harvested between 5–9 a.m. and 5–9 p.m.

Commitment to Anti-harassment Join our mission in providing a safe space for queer and/or BIPOC farmers.